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Fee Schedule

If you do not participate in any of the above plans payment will be expected at the time of service. Documentation will be provided for you to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.

For some income ranges discounted rates are available. You can find an application for discounted fees on the Forms / Policies page.

Number in Family

Yearly Income

1<$10,000$10,000-30,000 $30,000-60,000 
2<$15,000$15,000-35,000 $35,000-65,000 
3<$20,000$20,000-40,000 $40,000-70,000 
4<$25,000$25,000-45,000 $45,000-75,000 
5<$30,000$30,000-50,000 $50,000-80,000 
Discount =75%50%25%

(add $5000 to the income columns to calculate charges for each additional family member beyond 5)
*If you qualify for a fee discount you are most likely eligible for a government sponsored health plan. See or

Sample Fees

New patients

Established patients